With over forty years of experience in the field, Milan Arredamenti specializes in the preparation of custom furniture for commercial activities, combining craftsmanship with the latest technology.
Prestigious national and international fashion houses rely on Milan Arredamenti’s ability to provide efficient service, strict compliance of delivery times and impeccable design realization. Our facilities extend over an area of about 10.000 square meters.


The company’s staff is comprised of about forty employees, including skilled technicians and highly skilled craftsmen. The technical department follows through on all processes including: coordination of design drawings, development of construction drawings, production and the management of installations around the world.


All joinery production, veneering, paint, lacquer and pre-assembly are completed in our main facilities. The metal work is produced and completed by Saga srl., which is an integral part of the Milan Arredamenti Group.
A pool of vetted and approved suppliers support the Milan Arredamenti Group in providing additional specialized, complementary services.

SAGA srl